Prescription Frames

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We have an extensive range of frames to suit every taste and pocket, ranging from traditional to designer, but always with
quality as our priority.
Many of our more traditional styles come from established global brands.
Ray-Ban Optical Prescription Glasses
From full-rimmed wayfarer style frames in vintage colours, to slick tortoiseshell glasses with square lenses and modern half-rimmed
styles – the Ray-Ban optical range perfectly blends form and function and is ideal for those who want to invest in quality whilst making
the ultimate eyewear style statement.
Fendi prescription glasses
The subtle Fendi branding sits beautifully with elegant lines, luxurious colours and unique design. All Fendi prescription glasses offer
high quality style and are available here at Tesco Opticians at an affordable price.
Tom Ford prescription glasses
The Tom Ford Frames collection contains vintage inspired frames that remind us of Hollywood, statement bold chunky geek chic
and exquisite craftsmanship.
Jimmy Choo prescription glasses
The Jimmy Choo brand is renowned for luxury and the collection of eyewear from this most popular high-end name is typical of his
unique style. Cool designs, strong frames and easy to wear looks, ensure the eyewear collection is as accessible and wearable as his
other fashion ranges.
William Morris
As well as our range of international designs, we are delighted to stock the William Morris Eyewear collection. Based in nearby Bishops Stortford, this company offers exciting, colourful styles without a designer price tag.
Prodesign Denmark
One of our new collections is the Danish ProDesign; a fantastic range with stunning colours and Scandinavian style. Why not call in and
take a look.
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Care Optics’ products include the iconic British fashion brand Jaeger and award winning X-eyes collection. All our products are carried
by a team of professional and knowledgeable dispensing staff.

With your budget in mind, you will be impressed by the Lazer and Matrix eyewear range, which has complete spectacle prices from just £90, even less if you’re entitled to an NHS voucher.
Our children’s frame collection includes designs from Kids Vision, Ray-Ban and Young Wills. We also have a great range of children’s
frames which are completely covered by the NHS voucher – this means that they cost you nothing!
Spectacle Lenses

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As an independent practice we are able to offer an enormous variety of spectacle lenses from almost any manufacturer.
In this way we can recommend the best lens for your particular needs.
Our principal lens supplier is Essilor , a French manufacturer with laboratories in the UK. Essilor offer a huge variety of high quality
lenses and have been at the forefront of developing new lens technologies for many years.
Here is a brief guide to spectacle lens materials, designs and coatings.
Spectacle Lens Materials
Glass Lenses
At one time all spectacle lenses were made of glass. Lens quality and durability was excellent but they were often heavy.
Plastic Lenses
Nearly all spectacle lenses dispensed today are made of plastics materials. Their lighter weight makes them more comfortable to wear and their impact resistance makes them safer. In recent years, all new developments in lens technology have been in plastics lens materials.
Photochromatic Lenses
Avoid the discomfort of bright light outdoors, without the need for separate glasses and sunglasses. Transitions Signature lenses react rapidly to changing light conditions outdoors, and return to clear when you come back inside. They also prevent
long-term eye damage by blocking out harmful UV rays.

Transitions photochromic lenses have created flawless clear vision by combining the strengths of our Varilux Transitions
and Crizal products. That means rapid reaction to changes
in outdoor light, leading anti-UV and anti-glare technology,
and resistance to smudges, dust and water.
Photochromatic lenses
High Index
The refractive index of a spectacle lens material influences how easily the lens can focus light. Higher index materials allow lenses to be made using flatter lens surfaces with the result that the finished lens is thinner. This is particularly helpful for people with high degrees of myopia (short-sightedness).

High index lenses are now available in glass, plastic and photochromatic materials.
Spectacle Lens Designs

Bifocal Lenses
Bifocal lenses
When an individual reaches middle age, the flexibility of the focussing system of the eye reduces to the extent that distance and near viewing require different powers of spectacle lens. Some people choose to have separate spectacles for distance and near, but this
makes life awkward as the different spectacles are repeatedly interchanged.
For this reason the bifocal lens was invented to allow distance and near viewing through a single lens.
Multifocal (Varifocal) Lenses
Multifocal (varifocal) lenses
The multifocal lens has largely superseded the bifocal lens. Like the bifocal lens, the multifocal provides distance focus through the top portion of the lens. The lens power then gradually increases as you look down through the lens until the reading power is reached at the bottom. In this way the lens provides a more natural, continuous focus, affording intermediate viewing for computer screens.
5 reasons to wear Varilux

1. Clear vision at any distance

Near or far, the Varilux range gives you clear vision whatever the distance. 

2. Total comfort in any task

Whether at work with a computer, using a smartphone or tablet screen, or simply reading the news paper, the Varilux range provides total comfort.

3. High resolution vision in any light 

Varilux Physio lets you enjoy greater contrast and sharpness. The increase in quality is comparable to a full HD TV over a standard television. 

4. Dynamic vision steady in motion

Great for sports and staying active, the Varilux range allow you to see perfectly - even in motion. Lenses are tailored to your visual behavior.

5. Quick adaptation

All Varilux lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure your satisfaction, including fast and easy adaptation. With Varilux lenses adaptation is guaranteed. If you are new to Varilux, try our training exercises to ensure you get the most out of your new varifocal lenses. 

Occupational Lenses
People’s visual requirements have changed in recent years, due in no small part to the arrival of the computer screen in nearly every home and office in the country. Because of the positioning of these screens at eye level and at arm’s length, bifocal and conventional multifocal lenses may not be able to provide optimum visual correction. 
Essilor Computer Lens
Varilux® Computer Benefits
Varilux Computer lenses reduce the problems associated with screen use and mid-distance vision – such as headaches, eyestrain and blurred vision – and encourage natural posture.
Spectacle Lens Coatings

Scratch-resistant Coatings
Plastic lenses have the advantage of lighter weight, but are made of softer materials and therefore more prone to scratching. Scratches cannot be polished out. Coatings have been developed to improve the scratch-resistance of lenses and therefore increase the expected lifetime of the lens.
Crizal lenses
Crizal Easy UV Features
With built-in scratch and smudge resistance, Crizal Easy UV no-glare lens lives up to the demands of daily wear. It also comes with leading anti-UV technology, to protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays in outdoor light.
Anti-reflection Coatings
Any spectacle lens (but particularly high index lenses) will reflect light. For the spectacle wearer such reflections can be distracting, particularly when driving at night. Anti-reflection coatings have been developed to overcome this problem by reducing the intensity of unwanted reflections.
Crizal lenses
Crizal® Prevencia Benefits

Maximises the benefits of light, while reducing the risks.
Crizal Prevencia
UV light from the sun can cause cataracts while blue-violet light is one of the contributing factors of damage to retinal cells.
Prevencia also lets in the good light that regulates sleep and mood, and boosts brain activity. By choosing Crizal Prevencia, you are protecting your eyes on a daily basis and maintaining your long-term eye health. 

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Why wear sunglasses?
We know that the sun’s harmful rays can cause harm to our skin, the UV from the sun can also cause damage to our eyes. Both cataracts and macular degeneration, two serious eye conditions, that can affect our eyes as we get older, are both partly caused by exposure to harmful UV rays from the sun. Protecting our eyes from the sun is just as important as protecting our skin, at every age. Children are at even greater risk than adults are, their large pupils mean that they absorb even more UV rays when out in the sun than adults do. Inappropriate sunglasses can do more harm than good, as it’s the degree of
UV protection, not how dark the lenses are, that’s important.
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Children’s sunglasses
We have a great range of Polaroid sunglasses for children, offering full UV protection in lightweight, trendy styles for all ages.
In addition, Zoobug and RayBan Junior ranges offer some great designer sunglasses for kids. Most of our children’s sunglasses are available with prescription, too.
Prescription Sunglasses
Prescription sunglasses are a great way to combine your spectacle prescription with sun protection. Frames can be glazed with single vision, bifocal and multifocal lenses and all provide 100% UV protection. And if your holiday is taking you out on the water, we can also offer polarised lenses, designed to eliminate reflected glare.

We also offer original Ray-Ban Prescription sunglasses.
Please visit our store to discuss:
Enhancing you experience
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Designer Sunglasses
We currently stock RayBan, Tom Ford, Gucci, Police, Super Dry, Michael Kors and Fendi, including some amazing limited edition models.
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